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"Igniting the light within..."

About Us...

YoshiKidz Youth Academy, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit organization based in Richmond, Virginia. Focusing on ages 4 through 11, we pour love and attention early so that our students are set with a foundation to be their best selves in life. We strive to provide a fun and educational experience through our Saturday Camp initiative and events throughout the year.



Friendship/Social Development

Performing Arts

Through various activities such as facilitator workshops, performing arts classes, and educational field trips, our youth learn so much about themselves, how to treat others, and gain a wealth of knowledge about various topics of the world.


Littles & Bittles (Ages 4-11)

Tweens & Teens (Ages 12-17)-

(Serve as junior counselors to Littles & Bittles- build character & work ethic in a professional setting)

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